I am an experienced professional with superior management, marketing and communications skills.  I pride myself in being a problem-solving self-starter who successfully meets deadlines, manages budgets, develops teams and maximizes results. I am remarkably organized, able to manage complex projects with good judgment, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.

I am proud of my long track record of successes in working with people, and my ability to make a difference in every organization I have worked for.

In decades of managing events and projects, I have very rarely missed a deadline, failed to solve a problem gracefully, or bungled a budget. My letters of recommendation are rave reviews.

What I can do for You:

Business Management:

Organizational Development & Strategies

Office Management and HR Responsibilities

Financials: budgets, AP/AR, analysis, reporting

Accounts Management

Marketing and Community Outreach

Government Programs and Reporting

Customer & Vendor Relations

Staff & Volunteer Orientation & Training

External and Internal Communications

Staff Supervision & Team-building


Business Plans

Financial Reports and Analyses

Policies and Procedures

Schedules and Calendars

Websites: Design and Optimization

Print Ads, brochures, posters

Newsletters, Direct Mail, Media

Press Releases & Public Service Announcements

Events and Promotions/Trade Shows

Employee Handbooks and Safety Programs

Training Programs

What I can bring to your Organization:


Decades of successful management experience

BA, MA, Secondary Teaching Credential

Certified by Creative Problem-Solving Institute

Certified Mediator

Platform Speaker & Trainer

Skills and Experience:

Superior Oral and Written Communication

Training, Coaching and Public Speaking

Planning, Implementation, Analysis, Reporting

Internet Savvy- Research & Marketing

Highly organized – Exemplary time management

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Team-building & Employee Motivation Programs

Talents and Personality:

Self-starter, Multi-tasker, Results-oriented

Composure under stress - Problem solver

Positive, optimistic, kind, easy to work with

Confident, Proactive  and Motivated

Flexible, innovative, creative

Tactful, Great sense of humor

Leader, Mentor and Role Model

Reasons to Hire Me

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