Cheryl Carroll

  1. Why should you consider employing me?

Check out the REASONS to work with me...what I can do for you, whether your organization is a non-profit or a profit-based enterprise. I have demonstrated many successes in both.

  1. What qualifies me to make these assertions?

Review my RESUME of a long career of work successes as a manager, marketer, coach and trainer.

  1. What do my previous employers and clients have to say?

Read my REVIEWS and RECOMMENDATIONS  about my effectiveness in meeting goals for their organizations in management, marketing, public relations and training.

  1. How have I accomplished these goals?

View the RESULTS of my labors in marketing communications such as advertising, brochures, and newsletters.

  1. Who am I?

Visit my REMARKS page for a history of my love affair with East Hawaii, read a chapter of my novel “The Aloha Moon,” and see and hear my ukulele performances.

I look forward to sharing my expertise, service and positive outlook with the communities of East Hawaii.

Mahalo for your consideration!

Cheryl Carroll

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If you are an employer in East Hawaii, this website was created for you!

I hope that you are here because you are seeking a versatile professional to help your organization or company prosper.  If so, please consider my talents and experience.

Cheryl Carroll.